Sergey Krabrovsky «sees» and «feels» since childhood.

He sees space and perspective. He has a delicate sense of colors and knows how to harmonize composition and line up lightning.

Analyzing the structure of the future interiors, he works with details and never forgets to pay attention to colors. There are no insignificant details for him. Everything is important, from a building facade to a doorknob.


His first work, an apartment located in Moscow turned into success. Almost immediately, after that, he opened his studio, driven by ambition and desire to create. Creation has become a necessity.

He works in close tandem with his colleagues, but always leaves planification to himself and often creates furniture and lighting for the project.


Interior design is more than a job for Sergei, it’s his lifestyle. He always searches for new forms and ideas. Each interior, in a way, like a canvas for him, tantalizing to create something exclusive. There is no uniform style in his projects, in the opposite, he plays with different styles like a painter would play with colors. He mixing things up and adding a drop of history.


Sergey and his team work with different project scales. Considering the lifestyle of their clients they diligently choose textures, materials, decor, and lightning, never forgetting their main goal: to create comfortable and exquisite interiors for each client.